Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joule Coda Bow Review

Introducing the Coda Joule
now available at Nina Lee's Music Studio!
The Joule was designed for extended range and electric violins. I have it here at the shop and compared it next to the Diamond series bow. I do not have an electric nor extended range violin, but I did try it out on my great Senner violin.
The look of the Joule is quite nice with a distinct cut to the frog to make it stand out from the Diamonds. The sound is quite unique and very compelling. Crystal clear in the high registers but not as warm as the GX. Faster response for the Joule than the GX but the GX has more power in the lower range. The Joule and GX are different from each other but both are absolutely fabulous bows. It is an individual choice on which bow one would prefer. If you do a lot of fiddle style I believe you would prefer the Joule Coda, you would most likely favore the GX if you do Classical work. If you do more work in the upper ranges than the Joule shines, stay on the lower strings and the GX rules. The Joule can be full in the lower range, just takes a tad bit more effort, same with the GX being clearer in the high positions. Both sound fantastic on the acoustic violin and you will notice distinct differences between the two bows when played one after another. You wouldn't be dissapointed with either of these two top quality bows if you were to purchase one.
I recommend that you come to my studio to try them out! You will be glad you did!

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