Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coda Bows!

The Coda Bow Diamond Series (NX, SX, GX) are now available through Nina lee's Music!
We are excited to be able to offer such high quality carbon fiber bows!
I personally gave the new Coda Bows a try on my Jeremiah Senner Violin. All 3 of the Codas blew my Presto bow out of the water. Everything from handling to sound was on a whole new level compared to my Presto. Double stops were easy, even and warm. Response was quick and the sound was lovely!
The NX, the lowest model, impressed me with it's stability. It was a very easy bow to play. The sound was smooth and nice. I highly recommend this one to a good student (as in, a student who practices regularly...the students who don't practice can stick with a $100 presto IMO!)
When handing the 3 bows (one by one of course!) to my students, who did not know which bow was which at first, to try out themselves, the NX rated high among my beginners and early intermediates. They prefered it over the GX because it "made it easy" (referring to making the violin sound good).
At first, there was a toss up between the SX & GX regarding which was my personal favorite. The voices produced by the two bows were very, very similar....beautiful & rich in tone. I fell in love instantaneously with the sound! I preferred the GX's handling, seemed much more stable (firmer) than the SX. I wasn't sure that my preferred feel was worth the price difference until I started really giving the bows a work out during a practice session. After working an hour with the GX and then returning to the SX for another hour....I really, really missed the GX ease of play. The GX won "my favorite" status after that session. Not 2 weeks later, that GX was sold to a student who couldn't keep her hands off of it!
I will be keeping Coda Bows here in stock so students & teachers in the area can come (by appointment) and try them out in person.
Go to my website for more information http://www.ninasmusic.com/

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