Sunday, July 3, 2011

New coda Bow!

Guess what coda Bow fans?!

coda has made a Joule for 4/4 cello. It's getting rave reviews.

Need a rental violin?

I have violins from 1/64th to 4/4 to rent. As my shop grows I will add violas,
celli, and basses to my renter stockpile.

Adventures in Violinland

This is my favorite method to start little ones. It is in sto
ck at my shop!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BAM cases!!

The NEW 2011 BAM violin SLIM!
Now available at my studio in Sullivan, IL.

This is the
coolest case of all the Bam violin cases, in my opinion, of course! I can get you any Bam case that you would like. I have the new NAVY blue case in stock. The case has 2 bow holders, zipper pocket, subway handle, backpack capabilities, padded handle, great locks. This case is super light weight, and in my preference, quite important. I sure get tired of hauling my heavy oblong case to and fro.

I was waiting for this new Navy color to come out before I stocked the cases. I wasn't overly fond of the white and other colors that were 2010 colors so decided to wait one more year before getting them.

If you'd like to see the new Bam in person, try out a coda bow, or even look at a new fiddle, just give me an email info @ (no spaces) and we'll set up an appointment.

You'll love the new Bam!