Wednesday, May 2, 2007


My new "harpmobile" is a 2007 Honda Element EX, 2 wd, manual transmission. "Elly" fits my concert harp, 36 string lever harp, 2 stands, stools, gig bags, and 2 boxes of CDs all at one time!

Many thanks to O'Hare Honda in Chicago, IL for such a great deal and awesome service with this vehicle purchase!

Why did I choose an Element? It was a good deal cheaper to buy, own, & maintain than a van, plastic interior for easy cleaning, no seat removal needed, and it has a look at me attitude! Basically, a billboard on wheels!

I column load my Venus Classic on a 'slide' that I made. I cut a wedge to put in front of the cup holder that is between the front seats so the harp's slide, slides up and over easily. There are D rings on the interior sides so I can strap the harp down.

Loading is very easy, I can do it on my own. The tail gate makes the perfect 'starting' point for loading the Classic on her column. Works very nicely. The only thing that would make it easier is the removal of the cup holder....with my wedge, I have no problem. Without the wedge, it would be a good deal more difficult!

The detailing was done by Dever Designs in Sullivan, IL. They did the sign on the back windows, pinstriping and treble clef on the end. They did a fantastic job!