Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celtic Harp Recordings

Lever Harp CD's anyone?

Do you love harp music? Check out the "For The King" CD! Released in 2004, It's performed on my handmade Horse Tara harp that I finished when I was 18yrs old. The CD has old hymns that I arranged under the guidance of my instructors. You will love this soothing lever harp recording. It has 2 harp and cello tracks and 1 harp & voice selection. Get one while you's a limited edition!

Do you love Christmas Music? "Christmas Blessing" will be your favorite Christmas harp CD! It was released for the 2006 Christmas season.
With this CD I've added another harp and harpist to create 3 harp duets for this recording. Professional harpist Alice Keene played on another handmade Tara lever harp of mine. She was the second harpist. Carol of the Bells was done with 2 harps and a glockenspiel...a really awesome combo! There are 3 harp/cello tracks and 3 harp/voice as well.

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